By Thomas Redder

Next to the certification processes,  at Spectrum Aeromed, we have designed our systems in a way that allows operation in accordance with regional standards around the world. Spectrum Aeromed can provide a customized solution globally, including all required certifications.

Electrical sockets on our module are identical to the public electrical system used in the country of operation of aircraft and gas outlets are identical to gas outlets used in hospitals in the country of operation. We pay attention to these details to make the process smoother for the users.

Also, we are using the mounting interfaces and rails in our systems that are also available in your part of the world.

We understand that each customer requires different system requirements, especially since about 75% of our customers are outside of the United States. We are a global company with global solutions.

Do you have questions that you don’t see listed here? Reach out to a Spectrum Aeromed sales representative for more information. We would be happy to help.

Thomas Redder is the Account Representative for Europe, Middle East, Russia and Asia. He is based in the German Sales Office, held an Air Transport Pilots License, and has a degree in Aeronautical Engineering. Before joining Spectrum Aeromed in April 2012, he was Technical Director at an Aircraft Maintenance and Repair Organization.