By Thomas Redder

Quite often during our sales process we are asked whether we have previously sold systems to a specific country. I like sharing the answer with people because about 75% of our business is done internationally. We are familiar with the processes and details that go into a sale and have likely already handled business in your country.

Here are some other facts you need to know:

  • Our in-house design organization typically develops a STC and has it validated by other Aviation Authorities
  • Most of our FAA STC’s get validated by EASA (the European equivalent to the FAA)
  • In certain cases we cooperate with European Design Organizations to get a certified installation (especially with simpler solutions or with small numbers of aircrafts in operation)
  • Through our excellent working relationships with the Aviation Authorities we have successfully validated our STCs in various different countries or agencies, including those in Northern and Latin America, Russia, India, and Southeast Asia. Currently we are validating two of our STCs in China with CAAC.
  • For many other countries our FAA STCs are automatically accepted.

We are quite familiar with certification processes and if you are willing to provide us with a Letter of Intent which we can file with DGCA, we are happy to get certification for your aircraft type within delivery time of our systems.

Are you looking for answers you don’t see listed here? Reach out to a Spectrum Aeromed sales representative for more information. We look forward to hearing from you.

Thomas Redder is the Account Representative for Europe, Middle East, Russia and Asia. He is based in the German Sales Office, held an Air Transport Pilots License, and has a degree in Aeronautical Engineering. Before joining Spectrum Aeromed in April 2012, he was Technical Director at an Aircraft Maintenance and Repair Organization.