Spectrum Aeromed Announces Inaugural Maritime Lifesaving Solutions

Fargo, ND – Spectrum Aeromed, a leader in air medical equipment and solutions, is proud to announce the completion of its first venture into the maritime sector, marking a significant diversification of its offerings and capabilities. In a pioneering project commissioned by the Romanian Government, Spectrum Aeromed has successfully equipped the dedicated medical rooms of two emergency response vessels designed to operate under the most challenging conditions at sea.

The project was undertaken with Damen Shipyards, a renowned leader in the shipbuilding industry based in the Netherlands. The project included five critical care ambulance modules and medical cabinets for two specialized vessels: a Search and Rescue Multirole Ship dedicated to medical aid and capable of evacuating at least 50 people from emergency situations, and a Firefighting Multirole Ship, equipped to combat fires on vessels and offshore platforms, with the capacity to carry at least 30 people. Both ships are designed to complete missions up to three days in length, in rough seas and adverse conditions.

This new venture follows Spectrum Aeromed’s successful collaboration with the Romanian Government, having equipped their two highly dedicated Air Ambulance Bombardier Learjets last year. Julia Kutsche, Sales Representative for Spectrum Aeromed emphasized the significance of this endeavor in influencing the company’s entry into maritime projects. “This experience has afforded us an understanding and knowledge of their needs and preferences, which we applied in this project,” Kutsche stated. “Our expertise in understanding the demands placed on aircraft, including G loads, has been instrumental in tailoring their equipment for the maritime environment.”

The collaboration with Damen Shipyards represents a significant milestone for Spectrum Aeromed. “This was not only our inaugural project working together but also marked our entry into the maritime industry,” Kutsche added. A representative from Damen Shipyards, Jurriaan van de Beek, Project Manager Workboats remarked, “The collaborative effort between Spectrum Aeromed and Damen Shipyards has demonstrated a shared commitment to innovation and excellence. The synergy between Spectrum Aeromed and the Damen Shipyards has set a strong foundation for future collaborations.” Both parties expressed optimism about the future potential of their partnership.

The equipment for the two vessels was delivered at the end of 2023, and the ships have since been delivered to the Romanian Government, with their christening ceremonies already conducted.

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About Spectrum Aeromed

Spectrum Aeromed is a global leader in designing and producing specialized air ambulance equipment and medical interiors as well as life support solutions for ground and marine applications. With a focus on quality, reliability, and customer service, Spectrum Aeromed provides comprehensive solutions that save lives and enhance the capabilities of medical air transport teams worldwide. The company’s innovative products are utilized by a diverse clientele, including government and private entities, ensuring patients receive the care they need.

About Damen Shipyards

Damen Shipyards Group operates globally, providing maritime solutions with a strong commitment to innovation, sustainability, and client satisfaction. Founded in 1927 in the Netherlands, Damen has grown to become a leading shipbuilding company renowned for its comprehensive range of high-quality vessels and advanced shipbuilding techniques. With more than 50 shipyards and related companies worldwide, Damen is involved in ship repair, new ship construction, and maritime engineering. Emphasizing a standardized ship design to ensure quality and speed of delivery, Damen continues to lead with its ability to customize vessels according to specific customer needs. The group’s extensive portfolio includes everything from naval and work ships to high-speed craft and yachts, all designed with sustainability at their core to meet the evolving demands of the maritime industry.