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If you are using your air medical equipment on a daily basis, some parts begin to see wear and tear. And some parts just get lost. Here is a list of frequently requested parts. These parts are in stock and available for overnight shipment with credit card payment. We can ship with a CerGficate of Conformance or the FAA 8130-3 tag for an additional charge.

Available Maintenance Parts

Stretcher Pad $720.00

P/N 203209

This 2” pad covered with Herculite SureChek healthcare fabric fits the 1201-001 and 1203-001 stretchers. It is held in place with Velcro strips sewn into the cover.

Arm Rest Pad $29.00

P/N 202101

A set of four 1” pads covered with Herculite Sure-Chek healthcare fabric replace the 1201-001 and 1203-001 stretcher arm rest pads.

Five Point Harness Belt $655.00

P/N W0058

This Schroth harness fits both the 1201- 001 and 1203-001 stretchers and simply installs with loops around existing mounting points.

Lap Belt $166.00

P/N W0037

The Schroth lap belt fits the 1201-001 and 1203-001 stretchers. It also installs with loops around the stretcher frame.

Stretcher Lock $950.00

P/N SLA001-1

The SLA stretcher lock is used to secure the 1203-001 stretcher to the 2200 systems. This one features a 4” long handle. Our SLA design was improved in 2014.

Stretcher Lock $950.00

P/N SLA001-3

This SLA stretcher lock is similar to above but features a 10” long handle. Some replacement parts are also available for repairs. Please call for more information.

Stretcher Lock $950.00

P/N SLA-006

This lock can be used to secure the 1201- 001 stretcher directly to the brownline in the aircraft floor for simple and quick patient transport.

Stretcher Lock $475.00

P/N SLA004

This lock is similar to the SLA001 locks but without the extended handle. It is great for applications where access to one end of the stretcher is restricted.

Quick Pins – Call for quote

P/N Various

Quick pins of various sizes are used in our systems and patient loaders. They are inexpensive but very valuable when you lose one! Consider having a few extras on hand.

I.V. Pole Assembly $680.00

P/N 650272

Our adjustable height I.V. bag pole assists in patient transfers by fitting in several holes drilled in our 1201-001 and 1203-001 stretchers.

Stretcher $7,100.00

P/N 1201-001

This stretcher used with our 2800 system features adjusting headrest, armrests, a 2” Herculite Sure-Chek healthcare fabric covered pad and nylon frame runners.

Stretcher $7,100.00

P/N 1203-001

This tapered stretcher secures to the 2200 “short box” systems with SLA locks but otherwise has the same great features as the 1201-001 stretcher.

Oxygen Cylinder $318.00

P/N N0027

This 3,500L aluminum cylinder is used in most Spectrum systems. Because they must be re-certified every 5 years, having an extra on the shelf is a smart idea.

Patient Loader $5,200.00

P/N 650005

Our popular patient loader provides a safe and lightweight method of transferring a stretcher into your aircraft. We made several improvements in 2014. Check it out!

Patient Loader Storage Bag $255.00

P/N U0105

This new storage bag provides a great way to transport and store your Patient Loader when not in use. It features luggage-grade reinforced nylon construction.

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