Air Medical Equipment

The best products focus on users and patients

That’s why Spectrum Aeromed is a leading designer and manufacturer of customized air medical and air ambulance equipment and holds STCs for over 400 aircraft. Highly customized and field-tested, Spectrum Aeromed’s life support equipment provides unparalleled performance and responsiveness for both fixed and rotor wing aircraft – every time.

Supplying the highest quality products accompanied with superior customer service before and after the sale is at the heart of every client order.

Rotor Wing Aircraft

Spectrum Aeromed understands the challenges of converting rotor wing aircraft to air ambulance. Spectrum Aeromed will work with your air medical and helicopter crew to design the exact medical equipment you require for your specific situation.

Fixed Wing Aircraft

Whether you need a basic life support system, multiple-patient dedicated advanced life support configurations, or a custom-built executive/VIP medevac interior, Spectrum Aeromed is the preferred source for thousands of fixed wing aircraft globally.

Air Ambulance Accessories

Air Ambulance Modules and PTUs

Speciality Equipment

3200 Series PTU

  • This module is made to be customized allowing for many critical care capabilities and can be installed into many larger size aircraft.
  • Its functional, durable design lends itself to years of problem free service for your ambulance program.
  • This system can be installed in single or multiple patient configuration depending on cabin space.
Bench Length: (customized to fit aircraft)

Width: (customized to fit aircraft)

Height: (customized to fit aircraft)

Dual Air Pumps: air pump capacity (each) 11 lpm @ 50 psi

Vacuum pump: 14 lpm @ 14 in. hg.

Electrical Supply: (1) 28 volt DC outlet (2) 115 volt AC outlets

Inverter: several 115 volt AC and 230 volt AC options

Oxygen Supply: (2) 3500 liter cylinders

*Inquire on certification for pictured equipment.

Our experienced and professional personnel are dedicated to providing customized solutions that will enhance the capabilities of your air medical and patient transport crews.