By Michael Gallagher

I shared some secrets about what makes our manufacturing business successful, but there’s something else that specifically makes our work culture great: our employees.

Our employees are empowered to come up with ideas to make us more efficient. We call them “Continuous Improvement Ideas” and in the last two years, we have implemented 194 of those ideas. The ideas may involve how we ship, how we put together orders, how we can improve the tools we are using, or updating the software – it’s what the employees come up with. It’s whatever will make their work easier and help us meet our goals.

We don’t believe there is a bad idea. There are always jumping off points and we analyze those ideas and see what we can implement. We’ve done a lot of great things thanks to employee ideas and we continue to push them to find more.

Spectrum Aeromed’s goal is to be the best in the world – our CEO Dean Atchison always says he might not know when we get to be the best, but we’re starting to see it happen.

Michael Gallagher joined Spectrum Aeromed in 2011 as Project Manager and currently serves as VP-Director of Production. In this role he leads the Production, Purchasing, Project Management, and Customer Service teams in a mission to delight our customers with world-class products and service.