(Fargo, ND. —Aug. 28, 2015) Spectrum Aeromed announced today that they have been listed on the Prairie Business Magazine 50 Best Places to Work List for the second year in a row in the top 25 small businesses category.

According to Prairie Business Magazine Publisher Korrie Wenzel “People want to be happy at work. It’s just that simple. It’s evident Spectrum Aeromed cares about their employees’ future as well as the business itself. It’s great when we see businesses make the list multiple years in a row.”

Companies were nominated through an anonymous employee satisfaction survey and rated in areas including work environment, employee benefits and employee happiness. Consideration was also given to the number of nominations received per company.

“We are especially honored to make this list based on employee nominations and feedback,” said Spectrum Aeromed Chief Operating Officer Chad Kost. “It’s a top priority for us to take care of the employees by providing a positive work environment and healthy office culture. It’s great to know our employees thought enough of the atmosphere to nominate us to be on the list again.”

Spectrum Aeromed recently made another publication list multiple times. Earlier this month the company announced making the Inc. 5000 list for the fourth time in five years.