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“Although it’s a small company, Spectrum Aeromed’s innovative designs and focus on customer service have given it a worldwide reputation for excellence in air medical interiors.

Relying on a combination of skilled engineering, cutting-edge materials and an old-fashioned work ethic, a small company on the plains of North Dakota has become a force to be reckoned with in the world of medical aircraft interiors. Spectrum Aeromed, a family owned company of 25 employees, has been building medical interiors for fixed- and rotary-wing aircraft for the past 21 years: beginning in Fargo, N.D., then moving to the small town of Wheaton, Minn., and then back to Fargo in 2008. The company designs and manufactures both permanently installed interiors for single-mission aircraft and moreflexible modular systems that can be quickly and easily installed and removed from multi-mission aircraft. For much of the company’s history, the bulk of its business came from fixed-wing operators, but in recent years Spectrum has seen a marked increase in the number of interiors it has provided to the helicopter industry: at present, Spectrum’s order books are fairly evenly split between fixed- and rotary-wing projects. That uptick is primarily owing to the growing trend of operators looking to get the most out of their helicopter investment by ensuring multi-mission capabilities. Spectrum’s success in the helicopter industry has also had much to do with its commitment to meeting customer requirements, its follow-up support and its dedication to excellence — qualities that are being appreciated \by a growing number of helicopter operators not only in the United States, but also around the world….”

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