Spectrum Aeromed Vice President and Account Representative Ricky Reno completed the sale of a 20/2200 short box module and conducted in-depth training of the Ecuador Navy this month.

“When people are in a remote area such as the Galapagos Islands, it is critical to have air ambulance equipment that can transport patients quickly and safely,” said Reno.  “We trained the pilots, crew and maintenance staff on how to quickly install the equipment, maintain the equipment and use the equipment. We hope emergencies do not arise, but if they do, we know that the Ecuador Navy will have life saving equipment that will enable them to transport people safely.”

The Ecuador Navy’s King Air 350 is based in Guayaquil. They fly patients from the Galapagos Islands to Ecuador.  The Ecuador Navy patrols and monitors more that 2,200 kilometers of coastline and maritime territory that stretches far into the Pacific Ocean. The Ecuador Navy will operate and maintain the Aircraft and the Ministry Of Health will have the medical technicians that will be operating the Spectrum Aeromed equipment.

“Because the Ecuador Navy has such a vast territory they operate their King Air for multiple operational missions.  Our system gives them flexibility to quickly convert their aircraft into an air ambulance when needed.  We are honored to work with their Navy and that they trust our proven equipment that is used all around the world,” said Reno.