Spectrum Aeromed announced this week that the company’s equipment was installed on a new Bell 407GXP helicopter for Boise, Idaho based Idaho Helicopters. The new aircraft is equipped with a single patient pivot system and will fly Helicopter Air Ambulance for St. Luke’s Hospital.

“We selected the Spectrum Aeromed system for a lot of reasons,” said Idaho Helicopters Director of Operations Steve Sandmeyer.  “The Spectrum pivot system was easily installed.  It did not require any additional mounting system.  It also allows us to easily position the stretcher in a full forward or full aft position.  Other systems would require us to remove a seat and are not as easy to maneuver patients. We also liked the build quality of the system.  The way it is engineered made it a superior product.  Spectrum Aeromed was able to customize their system to meet our needs.”

Spectrum Aeromed Vice President and Account Executive Matthew Christenson worked with Idaho Helicopters on the order and customization.

“The beauty of what we offer customers is that our system is rugged, customizable and versatile.  Idaho Helicopters needed our system to work cohesively with their isolette system.  Our engineers were able to customize a solution for the Bell 407GXP for them without them having to add a new mounting system or removing seats.  We understand that operators want to maximize their aircraft and minimize the changes to their operation and aircraft.”

Spectrum Aeromed will display at the Air Medical Transport Conference annual convention in Charlotte, North Carolina in booth 301 from September 26-28.