(FARGO, ND. —October  22,  2014) Spectrum Aeromed installed a state-of-the-art onboard intensive care unit into Aviflex’s Lear Jet 45 under an FAA part 135 certificate. The aircraft will be stationed between Miami and Guatemala so it can readily serve Central and South America.

Spectrum Aeromed equipped the aircraft with a 2800 Advanced Life Support System with a stretcher bridge for AviFlex’s medical equipment and an infant transport deck.

Spectrum Aeromed’s Vice President/Account Executive Matthew Christenson assisted in the sale. “AviFlex Aeromedicals’ introduction of their air ambulance operations to these remote areas is of paramount importance. We are confident that our equipment and the highly trained crew will allow them to provide the best service to isolated areas in the region,” said Christenson.

Brokers operating in the region currently call air ambulance services out of Florida to transport patients in these isolated areas, which are unable to operate in bad weather and often have to delay flight times due to duty times. Aviflex is not only located closer than the current air ambulance services used for the region, but the company also owns and operates its own aircraft and is partnered with another air ambulance service for back up so they can offer 24/7 access to air ambulance services.