(FARGO, ND. —October 5, 2015) Spectrum Aeromed announced today that they have equipped the Argentine Army’s new Cessna Citation with a complete air medical interior.

The aircraft they purchased includes a Spectrum Aeromed advanced life support system featuring a defibrillator, ventilator, infusion pump for administering medicine and other critical care and medical equipment.  Earlier this year the Argentine Army also purchased two Cessna Grand Caravan C208s with a fully equipped medical interior.

“This new aircraft will give the Argentine Army the ability to serve the entire country,” said Spectrum Aeromed Vice President Ricky Reno. “This new aircraft will not only supplement the two Caravans, but also give them greater speed and range.”

Argentina covers a large land mass that includes tropical forest, dry deserts, and even polar regions.  Some of the locations are in remote areas that make air medical transportation essential. Spectrum Aeromed worked with Textron Aviation for the completion of the sale.

Spectrum Aeromed will be showcasing their air medical equipment at the upcoming Air Medical Transport Convention in Long Beach, California October 19-21 at booth number 112.   Ricky Reno will also be visiting with customers at Helitech in London October 6-8, 2015.   For additional information about air medical equipment in government or military aircraft email ricky&spectrum-aeromed.com.