Spectrum Aeromed announced this week that the company’s articulating stretcher and medical interior was installed in four Bell 407 helicopters for Arkansas based, Survival Flight with two more planned.

“The articulating stretcher provides improved safety for both our patients and our employees,” said Survival Flight CEO Chris Millard.  “The design is rugged and the ability for the Spectrum Aeromed system to pivot into place to align with the stretcher allows our team to more easily secure patients.”

Spectrum Aeromed Vice President and Account Executive Ricky Reno worked with Survival Flight to customize the order.  The system from Spectrum Aeromed was designed uniquely with Survival Flight colors, to continue the easily recognizable paint scheme.

“Survival Flight has an expanding diverse fleet of aircraft and we are honored to know that our system is helping them save lives throughout Arkansas, Illinois, Missouri and Oklahoma,” said Reno. “Our team was able to customize the system to meet their needs from the largest piece of equipment even to smallest.  We even had special seatbelts with their colors built.”

Survival Flight operates nine Bell Helicopters and one Pilatus PC-12 giving them great versatility to aid with not only Helicopter Air Ambulance emergencies, but also patient transports. The company offers annual memberships and continues to expand its operations.  CEO Chris Millard will be attending the annual Air Medical Transport Conference in Charlotte.

Spectrum Aeromed will display at the Air Medical Transport Conference annual convention in Charlotte, North Carolina in booth 301 from September 26-28.