(Fargo, ND. — MAY 20, 2015) Spectrum Aeromed announced that they have completed customizing a Lear 45 with a dual patient system medical interior for Red Star, a long-term customer in Turkey. The Lear 45 was also granted an aircraft operator certificate.

Red Star Accountable Manager, Emre Dursun, commented on why they continue to use Spectrum Aeromed, “We chose Spectrum Aeromed again because they are pleasant to work with. The communication is great,” said Dursun, “Spectrum Aeromed also provides great looking equipment and we are proud to have it in our aircraft. With the introduction of the Lear 45 into service, we will be in a position to respond to inquiries coming from not only Turkey but also the Middle East, North Africa, India and the Caucasus.”

This is the second medical interior Spectrum Aeromed has completed for Red Star with the first installation being in a Jetstream 32. Another accomplishment as a result of this install is the STC validation from EASA for the Lear 45. Spectrum Aeromed also received STC validation this month from EASA on an unrelated Cessna XL.

“Building international relationships and maintaining them is very important to us,” said Spectrum Aeromed Chief Operating Officer Chad Kost. “We are proud of our engineering team and their dedication to completing solutions so aircraft can receive STC validation from EASA in a timely manner. We look forward to future opportunities to serve Red Star and acquire new customers in Europe.”