(FARGO, ND. —November 1,  2014) Spectrum Aeromed’s Stretcher System is being used in the most watched patient transports in recent history. Cartersville, Georgia based Phoenix Air Group, Inc., is the only company in the world with an Airborne Biological Containment System (ABCS) equipped inside a Gulfstream III aircraft. What the patients are transported on is built in Fargo, North Dakota by Spectrum Aeromed.

“We began developing the ABCS in concert with the Center for Disease Control (CDC) six to seven years ago,” said Phoenix Air Group Vice President Bob Tracey. “We had a decision to make on the stretcher we would use and without hesitation we factored in using the Spectrum Aeromed’s stretcher. They had the STC for our aircraft and the quality product we needed.”

Since 2003, Spectrum Aeromed has supplied eight stretchers to Phoenix Air Group.

“Phoenix Air has been a long standing customer of Spectrum Aeromed,” said Chief Operating Officer Chad Kost. “Our mission at Spectrum Aeromed is to save lives. There never has been a more publicized air medical patient transport in the history of air ambulances. Phoenix Air Group is not only involved in the EBOLA transport, but also in air medical transport services around the world as well as other unique missions. We are proud that our equipment made right here in Fargo is helping them complete their missions globally.”

Spectrum Aeromed’s equipment can be installed quickly on an existing rail system with just a few pins being dropped in to lock the system in place. The rail system that Spectrum Equipment is installed on with normal transport is off to one side of the aircraft. For the Gulfstream III aircraft used in EBOLA patient transport, the rails are in the center of the aircraft.

“There really is no difference in the transport of a critical care patient or an EBOLA patient when it comes to the stretcher. The Spectrum Aeromed stretcher is quality equipment that we have come to rely on,” said Tracey.