(Fargo, N.D.- FEBRUARY 10, 2016) Spectrum Aeromed announced this week Thomas Redder was promoted to Vice President of International Sales and Anne Ehlenberger was hired as an account representative for office in Germany.

In his new role Redder will oversee marketing initiatives in Europe, Middle East, Russia and Asia. Ehlenberger will support sales projects.

Ehlenberger graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration in 2008 and has since held positions in human resources and recruiting for notable aviation companies in their European offices.

“Ehlenberger’s aviation experience is striking on her resume”, said Vice President of International Horst Heinicke, “She is a great asset and we are honored to welcome her to the team”.

“We are proud of Redder for earning his promotion and excited to expand our international sales team”, said Chief Operation Officer Chad Kost. “As we celebrate the company’s 25th anniversary later this year we anticipate 2016 marking a momentous year for the company and staff.”