By Matthew Christenson

Our main objective at Spectrum Aeromed is to help save lives and we believe strongly in that vision. We also have a commitment to offer a high level of customer service, which includes making purchases as efficient as possible for our customers.

We are proud to announce a partnership with Exclusive Aircraft Sales of Eden Prairie, Minnesota, USA.  Exclusive Aircraft Sales is a division of Fargo Jet Center, (Fargo, ND), another company we have partnered with for many years. Exclusive Aviation offers sales, acquisition and brokerage services in all aircraft markets.

The partnership is designed to help customers find a turnkey option for a medical aircraft. If you are looking for an aircraft along with medical equipment, this is a great option for you.

We want our customers to know that now they only need to make one phone call instead of doing their own research and finding several different companies to help fulfill their needs.

As a customer, if you are most comfortable talking to an aircraft broker about what you need, the first call should be to Exclusive Aircraft Sales and then Spectrum Aeromed representatives are available via conference call to help fulfill the medical equipment needs for the aircraft.

If you are more comfortable starting with Spectrum Aeromed, contact your service representative and we can help you with your medical equipment needs, and then provide you with a good recommendation for finding the aircraft.

We have worked with Exclusive Aircraft Sales and Fargo Jet Center for many years in an unofficial capacity and have been impressed with their teams’ knowledge, professionalism, and track records in the industry. As a customer, you want to be sure you are getting your needs met and we are confident that this is a time and cost effective benefit for our customers with fewer logistics for our customers to handle.

The great thing about this partnership is that it is not limited to our domestic customers – this one stop purchasing experience is available worldwide. The full benefit package can be put together for any of our international customers who are looking for an efficient way to put all of the pieces together.

No matter where you are in the world you can locate your Spectrum Aeromed sales representative. We would be happy to help you start the process of equipping an aircraft with life saving medical equipment.

Matthew Christenson is the Account Representative for the Western United States, Canada, Central America, Caribbean, United Kingdom, Scandinavia Region, Africa, Australia and New Zealand. He has been with Spectrum Aeromed since 2001, having held positions as office manager, production manager, and project manager. He is based at the headquarter office in Fargo, North Dakota.