By Matthew Christenson

Spectrum Aeromed can provide medical equipment mounts to secure your medical devices safely in the aircraft. We have a few different options for medical device placement; like a MedWallstretcher bridge, table, or cabinet. The medical equipment mounts are designed as a quick release application for the medical device to be removed easily, but will provide a safe and secure application to protect the device properly.

There are many different options for medical equipment mounts and we provide a custom mount and/or an interface to securely hold the medical device onto our system for safe transport. There are mounts for any medical device that you need and it can be done in a variety of ways.

Medical Stretcher

Another accessory we have available is our stretcher. It has a 2” pad with non-absorbent material for its covering. The stretcher has a 5-point harness to secure the patient’s upper half and two lower belts for the legs.

If you would prefer custom colors for your system, to the standard white and blue, we can help you with custom coloring. We will need paint codes from your interior colors to order from or match to and will work with you on the items you want painted a different color.  We can also change the stretcher pad material and belt colors.

The core of what the company does is being able to work with people who are saving lives. It’s a humbling atmosphere, when you break it down, and it drives us day to day, makes us better, and makes the company what it is.

Learn more about the air medical equipment that Spectrum Aeromed offers by visiting this link.

Matthew Christenson is the Account Representative for the Western United States, Canada, Central America, Caribbean, United Kingdom, Scandinavia Region, Africa, Australia and New Zealand. He has been with Spectrum Aeromed since 2001, having held positions as office manager, production manager, and project manager. He is based at the headquarter office in Fargo, North Dakota.