Matthew Christenson is Spectrum Aeromed’s Vice President and Account Executive. He serves clients in the Western United States, Canada, Central America, Caribbean, United Kingdom, Scandinavia, Africa, Australia, and New Zealand and is based out of the headquarters in Fargo, North Dakota.

Matthew has been part of the Spectrum Aeromed team since 2001, when the company was based in Wheaton, Minnesota. He heard about the company when he moved to Wheaton and dropped off an application for the open position of office assistant. In 2008, Spectrum Aeromed moved it’s headquarters to Fargo. During his time at Spectrum Aeromed, Matthew has held the positions of office manager, production manager, and project manager.

“I’ve always enjoyed the uniqueness of this business,” Christenson says. “The core of what the company does – being able to work with folks who are saving lives – it’s a humbling atmosphere when you break it down.”

Christenson says it’s that mission of helping people save lives that drives the team from day to day.

Matthew has been part of the sales force for nearly four years. He has a good sense of direction when a customer asks how something can be done because he knows what it’s like to work in the other areas of the company. When a customer begins to describe a need, Matthew’s wheels start turning. While in the shop as the production manager, he was hands-on and got to know the building process. He then moved to a project manager position, which can be described as the tie between production, engineering, and sales.

“I know what we’ve done in the past and I know what we are capable of doing,” Matthew says.

Matthew also is proud of the customer service reputation Spectrum Aeromed has built over the years. He wants his customers to know he cares about their programs and he wants to listen to what they want, rather than telling them what they need.

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