We’d like to introduce you to an important person on Spectrum Aeromed’s team!

Meet Michael Gallagher. Michael joined Spectrum Aeromed in 2011 as Project Manager and currently serves as VP-Director of Production. In this role, he leads the Production, Purchasing, Project Management, and Customer Service teams in a mission to delight our customers with world-class products and service.

Michael’s job is to coordinate different processes for production realization; his goals are to help each team become more efficient and to improve communication. Michael says he hires the right people to fill the positions – they’re able to do their work and he’s able to focus on continuing to improve the manufacturing process. He’s always available to help troubleshoot and help find solutions.

“Everything we do in our business is very process driven,” Michael says. “There’s a process to everything we do.”

With 80% of Spectrum Aeromed’s customers overseas, Michael also ensures everyone understands each order and where it’s going in the world. He works with customers to arrange the shipping and help solve any problems.

Michael is also a big part of making sure the company culture is one where people want to stay. Creating an engaging working environment has helped keep the turnover rate at Spectrum Aeromed very low.

“We try to make it fun around here,” Michael says. “We try to be really efficient so we’re not working overtime. And we see impact from our work, which makes the job fulfilling.”

The North Dakota native is past president of the Fargo Lions Club and serves on the Fargo Board of Directors of North Dakota Workforce Safety & Insurance and Fargo Angels Youth Hockey Club.

Michael credits his volunteer experiences with learning about the concept of servant leadership and how a true leader seeks to help and serve others.

In particular, Michael’s work with the Fargo Lions Club opened his eyes to what can be done when a small group of people is highly motivated and moves in the same direction. He witnessed how it only takes a few impactful people to make a true change in the community. He took that same mentality into his role at Spectrum Aeromed; he now sees his role as a trainer providing guidance, not as a boss.

“I’m here to help our team be successful,” Michael said. “I help set the end date on projects, but everybody has a job to do to get it done. I’ve helped lay out the overall structure and help hire, but the rest is training and helping them solve problems, be successful and have a good day at work.”

Thanks for all you do, Michael!

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