Isolated front view of the Infinity 5000X with IV pole and equipment storage

Welcome to the future of air medical technology. After 30 years of experience engineering air medical equipment to suit all customers’ needs, Spectrum Aeromed’s new Infinity 5000X will revolutionize the air medical industry as one of the first products designed with and for flight nurses and air medical teams. 

Now certified for use in PC-12 aircraft, the Infinity 5000X offers an improved patient and installer experience with more clearance, easier maintenance access, and improved aesthetics. The modular, customizable system consists of one common base with an interlocking stretcher. System highlights include: 

  • Fully self-contained with a smaller footprint and is lighter-weight than the previous 2200 & 2800 series systems.
  • Quicker transition time than the 2200 & 2800 series.
  • Newly-designed stretcher bridge for unobstructed access when caring for patients and when transferring the patient onto and off the stretcher. 
  • Specifically designed for patient comfort, the stretcher attaches to the base via a locking mechanism in the middle of the base system. 
  • Single hand operation to lock and unlock the stretcher.
  • Controls and gauges are centrally located, with 3 added universal electrical outlets and dual USB ports.

Experience the next wave of air-medical equipment innovation. Contact Spectrum Aeromed today to learn more about the Infinity 5000X.