By Thomas Redder

Spectrum Aeromed has been servicing clients around the world since 1991. Over the years, we’ve gathered some Frequently Asked Questions. We welcome you to review these questions and answers to see if they will help with your project.

What different systems are available?
We have three different systems available: a Stretcher Kit, a Basic Life Support System, and an Advanced Life Support System.

What is the difference between 2800-Series and 20/2200 series?
Basically the two are the same. The stretcher is tapered at the end for 20/2200 series, which allows easier loading; the stretcher locks of 20/2200 allow for overlap (non-symmetrical installation) of the system and the 20/2200 series is ideal for smaller aircraft cabins.

Where are the products manufactured?
Our systems and a majority of our accessories are manufactured in Fargo, North Dakota, USA. Our carbon fiber med walls and medical equipment are manufactured in Germany.

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Thomas Redder is the Account Representative for Europe, Middle East, Russia and Asia. He is based in the German Sales Office, held an Air Transport Pilots License, and has a degree in Aeronautical Engineering. Before joining Spectrum Aeromed in April 2012, he was Technical Director at an Aircraft Maintenance and Repair Organization.