(Nuremberg, Germany. —July 29, 2015) Spectrum Aeromed along with FAI (Flight Ambulance International, Germany), announced that FAI has completed the purchase of the first civilian-operated Bombardier Global XRS with multiple stretcher transport capabilities using Spectrum Aeromed stretchers.

“FAI continues to diversify its fleet and increase its capabilities,” said Spectrum Aeromed Account Representative Thomas Redder. “We are glad to once again partner with them on their air ambulance equipment needs.”

The FAI Global Express is equipped with Spectrum 2800-Series Intensive Care Unit, extended range oxygen cabinet and the innovative Carbon Fiber Medwall tailored to the aircraft cabin and customer needs. This is the ninth new system Spectrum has provided to FAI.

“The Global Express has great range of flight and capabilities because of its size,” said FAI´s Chairman Dr. Siegfried Axtmann.  “Depending on the payload of the aircraft it can fly around 16 hours without refueling.  As the first civilian operated Global XRS with this capability, we have increased our ability to transport multiple patients a greater distance when the need arises.”

The Spectrum Aeormed equipment will be installed in October 2015.