(Geneva, Switzerland. —May 14, 2012) Spectrum Aeromed along with FAI (Flight Ambulance International, Germany), announced from the European Business Aviation Convention and Exhibition (EBACE) in Geneva, Switzerland that FAI has agreed to purchase six 2800 Series stretchers from Spectrum Aeromed for their CRJ-200 aircraft. The purchase includes five stretchers and one stretcher with advanced life support systems.

“FAI is a well-known, award winning Jet-Operator with a proven history of providing executive charter and air ambulance services,” said Spectrum Aeromed Account Representative Thomas Redder. “FAI takes missions worldwide and continues to expand its Air Ambulance Business. Spectrum Aeromed’s mission is to save more lives, and providing FAI with our equipment will enable them to do just that. We believe in providing our customers with superior products and customized solutions. Our team was able to customize a solution that will work with FAI’s current fleet and meet their mission requirements.”

In 2011, FAI experienced record sales, growth and continued to expand their fleet including the acquisition of the CRJ-200 aircraft, which 6 stretcher Medevac floor-plan will be unique on a CRJ-series aircraft By end of 2012 FAI will add 2 AVRO-Jets to its fleet of special purpose aircraft, which also will be capable to carry 6 + stretchers.

“With this unique multiple patient Medevac aircraft, FAI will finally occupy an open niche within FAI´s current fleet of Ambulance-Jets, which already covers all other cabin sizes from small Learjet 35A over Learjet 55/60 up to wide body long range Challenger 604”, FAI´s Chairman Dr. Siegfried Axtmann in a statement at EBACE.

Spectrum Aeromed is a leading global designer and manufacturer of custom air medical and air ambulance equipment for fixed and rotor wing aircraft. The company is qualified to produce specialized life support solutions for air, ground and marine support applications. Spectrum Aeromed holds more than 90 Supplemental Type Certificates (STCs) covering more than 450 models of aircraft. Spectrum Aeromed is headquartered in Fargo, ND with a 17,000-square-foot manufacturing facility. For more information, visit www.spectrum-aeromed.com.

More than 25 years in business and experienced from more than 150,000 hours of accident free jet operations, FAI´s Air Ambulance Fleet consists of 9 (!) dedicated Ambulance Jets (3 x LJ 35, 3 x LJ 55, 2 x LJ 60 and 1 x CL 604 plus a fleet of 11 Jets, dedicated for VIP-Charter, which includes 2 x Global Express, 1 x CRJ 200, 1 x CL 604, 1 x Falcon 900 EASy, 2 x LJ 60, 3 x LJ 55, 1 x LJ 40, which represents the world´s largest civilian Air Ambulance Jet-Fleet as well as Europe´s largest Learjet-Fleet and also one of Europe´s largest fleet of Business Jets.