By Michael Gallagher


Spectrum Aeromed is based in the upper-Midwest region of the United States, but 80% of our customers are overseas. That means a large percentage of our high-end air medical equipment is carefully shipped internationally.

The majority of our customers choose our door-to-door shipping option, where we offer to ship anywhere in the world. Our customers include hospitals, aircraft operators, and people who handle charter services or patient transport. Many of them may be familiar with shipping via UPS or FedEx, even internationally, but to get a large crate with high-end aircraft equipment around the world is a much different process. We ship by air and use special packaging materials, including a large cardboard crate that can be recycled, which was custom designed to ship our products internationally; the crate can weigh up to 300 pounds.

We know how to work with customs brokers in the U.S. that assist us with clearing customs here and will assist us in clearing customs in the customer’s country. Every country that we ship into has different requirements and different challenges, so we work with trusted vendors to coordinate logistics. Many of those vendors work with us on a daily basis.

Once a customer’s shipment arrives in their country at an airport and goes through customs, our logistics people coordinate delivery right to the customer. As part of our commitment to solid customer service, we think it’s important to offer door-to-door international shipping.

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Michael Gallagher joined Spectrum Aeromed in 2011 as Project Manager and currently serves as VP-Director of Production. In this role he leads the Production, Purchasing, Project Management, and Customer Service teams in a mission to delight our customers with world-class products and service.