(Fargo,North Dakota) Spectrum Aeromed teamed with AMREF Flying Doctors this week to provide equipment for medical flights out of Nairobi Kenya on a King Air 200. Spectrum Aeromed provided to AMREF Flying Doctors two 2200-016 medical stretchers, medical equipment walls and manual patient loaders at cost.

“AMREF Flying Doctors is a great organization dedicated to helping others that are less fortunate in remote areas of East Africa,” said Spectrum Aeromed Account Representative Thomas Redder. “We learned about their mission, their needs and wanted to do our part to help this great philanthropic organization.”

AMREF Flying Doctors provides air ambulance evacuation services in medical emergencies across East Africa, as well as air ambulance transfers between medical facilities. They currently serve more than 150 hospitals as part of the “Outreach” programme. AMREF Flying Doctors provides air ambulance services across many East African countries including Uganda, Kenya and Tanzania and, when clearance can be obtained, most neighboring countries including the Democratic Republic of Congo, Eritrea, Somalia, Ethiopia, Rwanda and Burundi. Subject to flight clearances, AMREF Flying Doctors wiincll carry out evacuations from anywhere on the African continent.

“This year has been a very special one for AMREF Flying Doctors,” said Chief Operations Officer Sean Culligan. “With the milestone of our 56th year of operations, we now have the launch of our first Beechcraft King Air B200. The cooperation and support of Spectrum Aeromed has enabled us to equip the interior of the aircraft with two top-of-the-range stretcher units, providing an air ambulance medical support system that is a first for the region. Spectrum’s recognition of the valuable work we do is a mark of their own dedication to supporting excellence in aero-medical services across the region.”

AMREF Flying Doctors also provides various support services, taking much of the burden off patients and their families in their time of need, as well as Assistance Services to international insurance providers, under a contractual agreement. AMREF Flying Doctors runs First Aid courses for organizations, tour operators and corporates. In 2011, AMREF evacuated 1254 patients from 35 countries, including from some of the war-torn African nations assisting victims with gun shot wounds, blasts and burns. In 2012 AMREF spent $65,000 alone on charity evacuations.
“The key for our decision to deliver the new equipment at cost is because of what AMREF Flying Doctors does,” said Spectrum Aeromed Chief Operating Officer Chad Kost.“Without the efforts of AMREF Flying Doctors some people would not be able to afford the flights needed for essential medical treatment. They have great teams of doctors and volunteers and we wanted to help them by providing the best equipment.”

Additional information about Spectrum can be found at www.spectrum-aeromed.com and AMREF Flying Doctors at www.flydoc.org

Spectrum Aeromed is a leading global designer and manufacturer of custom air medical and air ambulance equipment for fixed and rotor wing aircraft. The company is qualified to produce specialized life support solutions for air, ground and marine support applications. Spectrum Aeromed holds more than 90 Supplemental Type Certificates (STCs) covering more than 450 models of aircraft. Spectrum Aeromed is headquartered in Fargo, ND with a 17,000-square-foot manufacturing facility. For more information, visit www.spectrum-aeromed.com.