Spectrum Aeromed Vice President and Account Representative Matthew Christenson completed the sale of a Short Box Advanced Life Support system and accessories including an IV pole and manual loader. This is the third aircraft Spectrum Aeromed has equipped for AeroAmbulancia/Helidosa and the second time they have used Fargo Jet Center for this customer’s installation.

AeroAmbulancia is the first and only company in Dominican Republic, which offers the most complete and modern air ambulance service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. AeroAmbulancia has a crew equipped with everything needed for intensive care to manage health issues in critical conditions. The rural areas of the Dominican Republic lack optimal health centers to care for patients with severe trauma from accidents or critical medical conditions, so air ambulance offers the fastest access to the best medical care available.

“We are elated to have them as a repeat customer especially knowing the impact their service has on the rural community in the Dominican Republic,” said Christenson.  “We know this equipment will dramatically impact their ability to complete life-saving missions.”

The first two fixed wing installations were in a Citation 500. AeroAmbulancia also operates a Bell 212 with a Spectrum Aeromed system and is currently working on the installation of a fourth fixed wing system in a Cessna 560XL Citation Excel. AeroAmbulancia will have a total of 5 aircraft with Spectrum Aeromed equipment by the end of 2014.