Due to COVID-19, there has been an increased request for isolation units. Spectrum Aeromed and Isovac Products have partnered to support that demand and offer a safe solution for transporting infected patients amid the global pandemic. Spectrum Aeromed will be a distributor of Isovac Products’ Containment and Protection System Utilizing Life Support (CAPSULS™) Patient Isolation Units (PIU’s), which integrate with Spectrum Aeromed’s equipment.

“The new agreement between Isovac Products and Spectrum Aeromed will prove to be advantageous to the air medical community. The two organizations combining their expertise in their respective fields, will allow the end user a one stop shop for acquiring the best in mission critical isolation and life support modules,” stated Isovac Products Founder and President Pete Jenkner.

ISOVAC mounted on Spectrum Module

For nearly 30 years, Spectrum Aeromed has solved the ambulatory needs of air medical and patient crews for hospital programs, multi-mission charters, private operators, and military branches worldwide.  Spectrum Aeromed Life Support Modules can be installed and removed within 30 minutes, which cuts down on aircraft retrofit time, allowing flight crews to focus on their lifesaving work. Spectrum Aeromed’s stretchers and transport decks integrate with the simple-to-operate CAPSULS portable PIU. They will fit into most aircraft while providing crew safety and patient comfort. Spectrum Aeromed also provides equipment to assist with patient loading and equipment mounts for ventilators and other critical medical equipment.

Founded in 1999, Isovac Products designs, develops, commercializes, and currently manufactures products that provide Chemical / Biological / Radiological (CBR) isolation and containment of casualties and remains in order to protect personnel, equipment, and transport assets. These products are designed to mitigate the risks and adverse effects of CBRN warfare and terrorist attacks, naturally occurring disease outbreaks and pandemics (e.g., COVID-19, H5N1, SARS, Ebola, etc.), industrial accidents, and natural disasters. Isovac Products CAPSULS system is a portable PIU which prevents particulate (biological and radiological) cross-contamination between the patient and the external environment, and with features that enable medical intervention to the patient. Isovac’s CAPSULS system is also regulated as a class ll medical device by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration under 21CFR 880.5450.  Isovac Products has supported federal, state and local governments around the world since inception.

“The collaboration of the two U.S.-based small businesses is vital as it gives customers confidence that they have the equipment they need to accomplish their mission of saving lives safely during this global pandemic,” said Ricky Reno, Spectrum Aeromed VP Account Executive.

The CAPSULS PIU can be used in most fixed-wing and some rotor-wing aircraft. In a matter of minutes, the isolation chamber can be attached to the stretcher and set up to provide both positive and negative air pressure.

Spectrum Aeromed and Isovac Products are proud to support the teams providing transportation to COVID-19 patients during this challenging time. For more information on the companies, visit www.spectrum-aeromed.com and www.isovacproducts.com.