By Matthew Christenson

Customers often wonder if Spectrum Aeromed will handle the installation of the modular or base systems into their aircraft. While we do not perform the aircraft wiring or installation of the equipment, we do have a local fixed-base operator (FBO) that handles the installations for us in Fargo, N.D. We can provide a quote for the installation through them.

We can also work with your approved mechanics or a completion center of your choice for the wiring and installation of the equipment into the aircraft. We have built relationships with completion centers all over the world and we are hands on for getting customers the solution that they need. We’re always involved in this part of the process: helping get the equipment to them or assisting with certification. We send them paperwork and wiring for our system to work properly.

If the customer has their own completion center to work with, or has their own mechanics and they don’t need our assistance, we send them the crates with the pieces they need and away they go.

Want to learn more about the installation process and how we can help? Find your sales representative, we are always happy to help answer questions.

Matthew Christenson is the Account Representative for the Western United States, Canada, Central America, Caribbean, United Kingdom, Scandinavia Region, Africa, Australia and New Zealand. He has been with Spectrum Aeromed since 2001, having held positions as office manager, production manager, and project manager. He is based at the headquarter office in Fargo, North Dakota.