5500 Executive EMS Interiors

The 5500 Module is especially designed for larger executive-style aircraft.

The 5500 Module is especially designed for larger executive-style aircraft, such as an Airbus A320 or a Boeing. This module is custom-built to provide comfort for the patient, even on long-distance flights and for your specific auxiliary medical equipment.

The stretcher pad is 3 inches (7.6 cms.) thick and 27 inches (68.6 cms.) wide. The front of the base has two patient transport legs which pull out from the base to aid in stabilizing the ground stretcher when loading the patient onto the 5500 Stretcher. The headrest and the leg rest both rise to allow for position changes for the patient.

The overhead is most unique. While in flight, your auxiliary medical equipment (such as the Monitor/Defibrillator, Ventilator and Infusion Pump) will be attached on the overhead ledge.

Bench Length 79″ (200.6 cm)
Width 25″ (63.5 cm)
Height 25″ (63.5 cm) to top of bench
Base Unit Weight 378 lbs. (171.8 kg)
Air Pump Capacity 11 lpm. @ 50 psi.
Vacuum Pump 14 lpm. @ 14 in hg.
Oxygen Supply 7,000 Liter
  • Seat Track Adapter for easy mounting into the existing aircraft seat tracks.
  • Oxygen Drawer with mounts / plumbing for two ( 2 ) composite O2-cylinders, total 14,000 liters. O2, Oxygen Selector Valves and Connector Panel for individual O2 system selection and emergency isolation, access to the O2 shut-off valves and connectors. O2 overboard valve.
  • Drawer Section with different sized internally lighted, lockable drawers for medical devices and medical supplies. Mounting of different medical devices for storage and recharge of medical device accumulators during flight.
  • Overhead Supply Panel ( OSP ) contains all switches, breakers, and gauges for operating the PTU. In addition, the OSP has a large shelf with special tracking for mounting of medical equipment and monitors and hanging IV bags. OSP contains 115 or 230 volt electrical outlets, oxygen and air latch valves for connecting flow-meters and other equipment.
  • Electrical Installation with integrated dual inverters ( 1000 Watt ) and air pumps. Audio/Visual Inverter out warning and emergency isolation.
  • Wide-body Stretcher with fully moveable back- and footrest for improved comfort and patient care. 4″ Stretcher Pad with “thermal-activated” mattress and vinyl covering for ease of cleaning. Four point harness for securing patient in transport. Mounting provisions for: additional IV-poles, examination light and medical devices.

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