Patient Loading System (Electric)

Lifting patients into a variety of aircraft is easy with the Spectrum Aeromed Patient Loading System. Our loading systems stow steadily in your aircraft, and provide you with the ease of access aboard your plane for any patient. Spectrum has two different loading systems, Electric No-Lift and Manual.

This loader allows the crew to load a large patient or incubator into the aircraft without any lifting at all. By utilizing the 28-volt DC outlet on the front of the Spectrum Aeromed module this loader can safely and easily lift 650 pounds. It takes less than five minutes to set up and when not in use, the loader folds and stores in the cargo area. The electric loader’s legs can be sized to any aircraft, from the tall Challenger 604 to the smaller King Air.

*The Loader can also operate on 12, 24, 32 volts DC or 110 AC power.

Spectrum Aeromed’s Electric Loader plugs into the air ambulance module to use the aircraft’s DC power to raise and lower the patient with the push of a button.

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