Isolation and containment units

Spectrum Aeromed works with a variety of manufacturers of containment and isolation units.


Due to COVID-19, there has been an increased request for isolation units. Spectrum Aeromed and ISOVAC Products have partnered to support that demand and offer a safe solution for transporting infected patients amid the global pandemic.



  • Test to see if the isolation unit and ITS deck is able to fit into the aircraft
  • EpiShuttle requires an ITS Deck to mount the isolation unit on the air ambulance module. Other isolation units can be installed on a stretcher
  • Installation and removal takes around 30 minutes to complete


The isolation and containment units fit into different fixed and rotary wing aircraft. Spectrum Aeromed has experience installing them in Airbus, Boeing, Bombardier, Hercules, Sikorsky aircraft.

Isolation and Containment Units:

  • EpiShuttle
  • IsoArk
  • Airboss ISO-POD
  • Capsuls PIU

Remaining Open

Essential Service Provider

Spectrum Aeromed continues to closely monitor COVID-19 and its impact on our team members and the global supply chain. As an essential service provider, we remain open to serve our customers while providing safe working conditions to our employees by following the guidelines of state, national, and global authorities including the U.S. Center for Disease Control and Prevention, the World Health Organization, and the Department of Defense.

Air Cargo

While the White House travel ban does not apply to air cargo, Spectrum Aeromed has been notified by our freight carriers that they are operating on greatly reduced capacity due to the lack of commercial flights. Spectrum operations in Fargo continue but our ability to provide timely shipping may be impacted until the COVID-19 threat has cleared. We remain committed to our mission of saving lives and delighting our customers with world class service.

Who to contact

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