07 Jun 2017

Meet Our Vice President of Military and Government Initiatives

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Ricky Reno

Ricky Reno’s resume has served as building blocks, one on top of the other, to fully support him in his position at Spectrum Aeromed – a job that seems it was tailored for him. Reno serves at Spectrum Aeromed’s Vice President of Military and Government Initiatives and as an Account Representative. He joined the company in 2012, having been in the aviation industry for more than 27 years as a commercial helicopter pilot, flight instructor, and airframe and power plant technician. He also retired from the U.S. Army after 22 years where he served as a Black Hawk pilot.

Working for a company like Spectrum Aeromed is not something he ever pictured doing, but it ended up being a great place for him to land.

“I love the flexibility that Spectrum Aeromed has being a small business with the capabilities of a big business,” Ricky says. “Being a smaller, family owned business there’s nothing we can’t sit down and talk about.”

Ricky was contacted by Spectrum Aeromed regarding an installation and met the company’s owner, Dean, in the process. The company Ricky worked for ended up closing its doors after 50 years in business and after Ricky spent a year at another company, he took Dean up on an offer to get involved with a different type of business. That was 2012 and the rest is Spectrum Aeromed history. Ricky’s sales territory covers the commercial side of the Eastern hemisphere of North America, all of South America, as well as military and government programs.

Ricky says the efficiency that Spectrum Aeromed runs on allows it to be successful. He came from a manufacturing company that employed tens of thousands of people, and now works for a company of 35 employees.

“The size of the company combined with the capabilities of the company make my job so much easier,” Ricky says. “I’m able to provide better customer service.”

Every client interaction turns into a learning experience for Ricky who dives in and helps clients in unique situations accomplish their missions. He find it satisfying to help provide solutions to their needs.

“It’s unbelievable – I’ve worked for a lot of different companies and this is by far the best,” Ricky says. “It’s a really neat industry that we are in.”

Ricky’s military background – a mechanic in the Army, serving with Special Forces, and piloting aircraft – allow his clients to know he’s been there. He understands many of their needs because he’s seen them first hand and that is something clients appreciate and respect about Ricky in his position. He understands the mechanic’s side, the pilot’s side, and working with people on the medical side – it’s the best of all worlds.


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