Learn the Benefits of Using a Modular Air Medical System

By Matthew Christenson At Spectrum, we have the unique opportunity of equipping our customers with the resources they need for life-saving work. This is why we are committed to offering many different resources to cater to our customers’ needs. In our decades of work, we have found that one of those needs is the ability.. read more →

Spectrum Aeromed Completes Production Amendment

Spectrum Aeromed announced that they have completed production on their newest Amendment: the AgustaWestland AW109SP STC with a lightweight air ambulance interior. Per the request of an industry-leading air ambulance customer, Spectrum designed and manufactured a new interior for their new AW109SP. Working closely with the medical crew and the aircraft manufacturer, Spectrum’s engineering team.. read more →

Michael Gallagher Appointed to Board of Directors for Impact Dakota

Spectrum Aeormed’s VP Director of Production, Michael Gallagher, was recently appointed to the board of directors for Impact Dakota. Gallagher has been with Spectrum Aeromed for 6 years. He oversees the production team in Fargo with a focus on planning, continuous improvement, and customer service. “I assist the production team with any issues that may.. read more →

The Core 4 Secrets to Your Successful Manufacturing Business

By Michael Gallagher We give a lot of tours at our headquarters in Fargo, North Dakota. The most frequently asked question during a tour is, “What’s your secret to running a successful manufacturing business?” The question reminds me of when people ask about the secret to weight loss. “What’s your secret?” they’ll ask a friend… read more →

What You Didn’t Know About Spectrum Aeromed

By Michael Gallagher There are a handful of companies in the air ambulance equipment industry — so what makes Spectrum Aeromed stand out? Since joining the team in 2011, I’ve learned a few things about what makes this company unique, and why it works so well. Staying Small (but playing large): We’re a small company that.. read more →

08 Nov 2017
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Meet Spectrum Aeromed’s Director of Production

We’d like to introduce you to an important person on Spectrum Aeromed’s team! Meet Michael Gallagher. Michael joined Spectrum Aeromed in 2011 as Project Manager and currently serves as VP-Director of Production. In this role, he leads the Production, Purchasing, Project Management, and Customer Service teams in a mission to delight our customers with world-class.. read more →

25 Oct 2017
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How We Handle Door-to-Door International Shipping

  by Michael Gallagher Although Spectrum Aeromed is based in the prairie lands of the United States’ upper-Midwest region, 80% of our customers are overseas . That means a large percentage of our high-end air medical equipment has to be shipped internationally. As if that didn’t already present a logistical challenge, we also offer door-to-door shipping as an option for our customers. No, we’re not crazy;.. read more →

13 Sep 2017
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Joining the Journey of Helicopter Medevac

By Ricky Reno It’s chaos in the war zone. Soldiers are lying injured on the ground, many with life-threatening wounds; yet there is little way to fly them to the medical attention they need. This was the reality of battle before World War II. It was very difficult to fly wounded soldiers to receive the medical care they.. read more →

02 Aug 2017
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Expanding Our Military and Government Presence

By Ricky Reno For many, the work we do at Spectrum Aeromed might seem far off. Equipping ambulances and helicopters for medevac may not ever, hopefully never, directly impact your life. But for me, as an Army veteran, this work is personal. Knowing that our designs and equipment are going to be used in a lifesaving manner for.. read more →

12 Jul 2017
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